In mid-2003 began with electronic music and 2004 released the tune “I seek You” with DJ Diva Sandrinha. 

Fernando Pereira AKA Woxsound was born of the ashes of The Black Birds, a pop-rock group in 1994, where he was a singer and composer of the music.

The Black Birds group over in the year 1996, and in mid of 2003 began with electronic music in 2004 released the tune “I seek You”, with DJ Diva Sandrinha, he went into his roots in electronic music where identifies with Trance music. Already with some EP´s, Singles, and mini albums released on iTunes, Amazon, and many other online digital music distribution. Names like Orange and Tear of hope was an experience toward the music environment, walked an improvement in his kind music already.

“While I am driving my car I record my ideas in my brain, then later I bring them to my home studio, and here already using Ableton Live I sculpture my music in this DAW.

Here is where must of my ideas get life I write my music here, I create my loops and melody’s here In Logic Pro X I do my mastering my music Any details that I may be missing in Ableton Live here I do the trick.”